Laubach Literacy New Brunswick Councils

Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB) is a non-profit, charitable organization whose trained volunteers help New Brunswick adults improve their basic reading, writing and math skills through a free, confidential program. LLNB volunteers work one-to-one with learners, using materials relevant to learners’ literacy levels and daily lives. Check out their website here.

The Laubach Literacy Councils are organized according to the region in which they are located. Each region is numbered on the map below.

Find where you live on the map, and then find the corresponding region number on the list below. Not sure where you are on the map? Click here for a complete map of New Brunswick.


Region 2

Laubach Literacy Fredericton, Inc.
65 Brunswick St, Room 289, Fredericton

Northern Carleton Laubach Literacy Council

Southern Carleton Laubach Literacy Council


Region 3

Bathurst Literacy Council


Region 4

Charlotte County Reads
St. Stephen: 506-466-6743

St. Andrews: 506-529-5125

READ Saint John
130 MacLaren Blvd, Saint John


Region 5

Moncton Regional Learning Council
96 Norwood Ave, Suite 208, Moncton


Region 6

Miramichi Literacy Council
1745 Water St, Miramichi