The Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick will provide leadership to advance literacy, lifelong learning and essential skills for all citizens through partnerships and collaboration with government, educational institutions, business, labour and community.

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Offical Statement from LCNB’s President!


The Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick exists to raise awareness of the value of learning for the people of New Brunswick. For the past 27 years LCNB’s “magic” has been working with provincial partners to provide training and tutoring programs, learning resources, financial assistance, community outreach and recognition that will help nurture a learning culture that values critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, innovation and assistive technology which are essential to skills in the Information Age. The very economy of this province and future employment of our youth depends upon it.

Literacy Coalition projects underway include: Translation of Let’s Learn Booklet into Mi’kmaq and Maliseet, New Horizons for Seniors: Enhancing the Role of Grandparents in Family Literacy, and an Adult Learner Online Program.

Projects proposed to help implement the Provincial 10 Year Plan and Literacy Strategy include: Volunteers for In-School Literacy Support, Communicating with Parents and Families on the Value of Learning, a Symposium on Strategies to Support Child Literacy, Pan Atlantic Project on Literacy in Rural Coastal Communities, and the Maritime Literacy Partnership for Essential Skills.

The Literacy Coalition is sustained through the support of volunteer Board members, and its “life blood” is implementing literacy programs under the stewardship of executive director, Christy McLean, to make a difference in the lives of citizens of New Brunswick.

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2015-2016 Annual General Meeting a Success!

The 2015-2016 AGM was held this year at the STU campus, where many topics arose from LCNB’s actions throughout the year and ones yet to come.


To view this years Annual Report please click here

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