The Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick will provide leadership to advance literacy, lifelong learning and essential skills for all citizens through partnerships and collaboration with government, educational institutions, business, labour and community.

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2018 PGI Literacy Dinner a Success!

On April 26, 2018 approximately 200 supporters of literacy from across New Brunswick gathered at the Delta Fredericton to celebrate and promote literacy in New Brunswick!

The event celebrated New Brunswick author David Adams Richards. One of only three Canadians ever to receive a Governor General’s Literacy Award for both fiction and non-fiction works, Richards is famous for his stories inspired by the experience growing up in Newcastle. A recently-appointed Canadian senator, Richards received the 2018 Champion of Literacy Award. A copy of Mr. Richards remarks can be found here.

The Literacy Coalition of NB also awarded Mr. Frank McKenna with the honorary title of Ambassador for New Brunswick Literacy, during a special tribute at the PGI dinner. This award was presented in recognition of Mr. McKenna’s generous donation to the NB PGI and in appreciation for his lifelong contribution to improving literacy and the well-being of New Brunswickers.

The President’s Award was given to Mark Rodd of Rodd Hotels and Resorts in recognition of their outstanding contribution to literacy for children and youth through volunteerism.

Marshall Button, emcee and poet laureate for the evening, received the Peter Gzowski Award for his tireless contribution and long time volunteer efforts in support of PGI NB.

A special highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Adult Learner Achievement Awards. Recipients, Erika Dove, Joanie Paul, Elisabeth Irunga and Colton Kroon received their awards and shared their stories with the attendees. To read their amazing stories, click here.

The Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick has raised more than $1.6 million dollars for literacy since our inaugural PGI event 15 years ago. Funds raised go directly to youth, adult and family literacy programs around the province, including support for our schools, libraries and community groups.

Our sincere thanks to all who attended and supported the dinner and auction and helped to make it a huge success! We are so grateful to everyone who attended the event, and to all of the generous people and organizations who supported us in so many ways. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to advance literacy for all New Brunswickers!

Click here to see photos of the event!

Today is NB Literacy Day – Let’s Celebrate!

New Brunswick Literacy Day is an occasion to acknowledge the triumphs that many New Brunswickers have had and celebrate the importance of literacy and life long learning in our lives.   In celebration of this day, the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick is announcing the winners and runner ups of our 2018 adult learner essay contest.


Erika Dove – Woodstock Sussex Adult Learning Centre

Elisabeth Irunga – Centre d’apprentissage pour adultes de Moncton

Joanie Paul – St Mary’s First Nation Adult Learning Community Centre



Colton Kroon – Fredericton Youth Adult Learning Program

Lonnie Pickard – Perth Andover Adult Learning Centre

Alfred McCrae– Miramichi Adult Learning Program


The 2018 theme was “Learning for Life!” which led to many heart-warming stories from contestants speaking about a brighter future as a result of their participation in an adult learning program. The winners of the contest will each receive a $100 prize and a framed certificate at the LCNB PGI gala Dinner, held in Fredericton on April 11th.  The winners’ essays will be featured on our website after they receive their awards at our 2018 PGI Literacy Dinner and Auction at the Delta Fredericton on the 26th. The runner ups have received a $50 prize and their essays are being posted on our LCNB website today. To view them, click .


If you would like to read the wonderful entries from our talented runner ups, please checkout the following links!

Colton Kroon: Learning for Life

Lonnie Pickard: Learning for Life

Alfred McCrae: A Far Different Future



Demande de financement PGI 2018

Demandes de financement « PGI » des programmes
d’alphabétisation pour familles et adultes
Date limite pour le dépôt d’une demande : le 1 mars 2018

Demandes de financement PGI Form 2018

Qui peut en faire la demande ?
Les groupes ou programmes d’alphabétisation établis, y compris les Premières Nations, qui sont
en opération depuis un an ou plus, qui reçoivent des directions d’un comité ou d’un conseil
d’administration bénévole, qui répondent aux exigences d’admissibilité et qui font la demande
avant la date limite sont éligibles.

Combien pouvez-vous demander ?
Les fonds disponibles sont limités. Toutes les demandes seront soumises à un processus
d’examen et les fonds qui sont disponibles pour distribution pourraient être moindres que ce
qui est demandé. Si vous demandez des fonds pour plus qu’un seul programme, veuillez utiliser
un nouveau formulaire à chaque fois.

Comment ces fonds peuvent-ils être utilisés ?
Les fonds doivent être utilisés pour des activités reliées à l’alphabétisme ou du matériel
pédagogique pour des programmes existants et ils doivent être utilisés dans un délai d’un an de
la réception du don.

Où est-ce que je soumets la demande ?
Les groupes/programmes anglophones et francophones peuvent tous deux soumettre leurs
demandes en complétant ce formulaire et en le faisant parvenir avant le 1 mars 2018 à la
« Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick Ltd. », soit par courriel

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